During the 1950s Admiral started their production of wooden yachts under the brand ‘Arcobaleno Super’, which then became ‘President’. The first ‘Admiral’, 18 meters long and made of wood in 1966 was the natural evolution.

In the middle of the 1970s the ‘Cantieri Navali Lavagna’ launched the first 30 meter motor yacht made of wood. This yacht, until then rarely built by other shipyards meaningfully contributed to the growth of the brand.

Thanks to the huge growth of “Admiral” the passion for planning yachts began .
During the 1970s the historical vessel called “MAU MAU”, 34 meters long put to sea and thanks to its four powerful engines made a top speed of 32 knots.

“SAHARET”, “IPSUM”, “ERAF”, “KADIA”, “SAUDADE” and other several yachts  more than 30 meters long, were concieved and built in a period when the average dimension wasn’t greater than18 meters. Having chosen the path of high-performance and high-safety at sea, building Admiral yachts required the use of light alloy and in 1982 the shipyard launched the first light alloy ADMIRAL of 23.50 meters.  Since then the Admiral brand has been characterised by steel and aluminium yachts guaranteeing high solidity according to weights and contents, maintaining high-speed performances, whatever the sea condition in maximum safety. In November 2011, Admiral was acquired by Italian Sea Group:
“The Admiral yachts range completes the Tecnomar portfolio and allows the creation of new synergies and growth opportunities” says Giovanni Costantino, then Chairman and CEO of Tecnomar.

The acquisition enables us therefore, to broaden the offer and to increase the presence of the Group in the market thanks to a brand that maintained its great appeal intact among the Owners  all over the world”.

“We are very proud of the acquisition”, underlines Giovanni Costantino. “We consider that the Group will be able to exploit to the utmost the growth opportunities”.

Admiral offers 11 different series in steel and aluminium with 32 models between 37 and 145 meters, planning, semi-displacement and displacement. Every new construction is customised to coincide with the expectations of each Owner, thanks to an important stylistic culture and a competent Centro Stile within the Group.