Giovanni Costantino

Great dreams should never come to an end

Giovanni Costantino, Founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group, has written part of the history of yachting.

Giovanni Costantino: A story that starts with the acquisition of Tecnomar

Costantino’s journey in the yachting world began in 2009. With his first acquisition of one of the historic Italian nautical brands.

Tecnomar is the first step towards setting up the first Italian group of excellence in the nautical sector.

With the acquisition of Tecnomar, a historic brand renowned for its luxury sports yachts, with cutting-edge design and high performance.

Since 2011 Giovanni Costantino has acquired Admiral yachts and then Nuovi Cantieri Apuania

In a few years, following the dream of creating one of the most important brands in the nautical world. He made one acquisition after another. In 2011 Admiral, a brand recognized for the timeless elegance and prestige of its luxury superyachts and megayachts. In 2012 it was the turn of Nuovi Cantieri Apuania. Which allowed the newborn Group to acquire one of the most important operating offices in Europe and a dry dock capable of hosting even the largest megayachts in the world.
In this way the Group enters by right as a protagonist in the world of refitting large boats with the typical Italian style and elegance.

The Italian Sea Group is born

This is how The Italian Sea Group was born. Today it is a global operator in the luxury yacht sector for the construction and refit of motor yachts and ships up to 140 metres. The Group has an impressive production site. Which today boasts some of the most advanced equipment and infrastructure in the Mediterranean.

A path studded with “rescues” and a strong social responsibility.

The Italian Sea Group is not just a shipyard, but it is also an opportunity for growth and prestige for the area. Costantino married Marina di Carrara as his home. A hub of the most exquisite Italian craftsmanship and a company capable of expressing the values of respect and attention towards collaborators, shipowners and the entire production chain.

In 2019 Giovanni Costantino opens The Village. An oasis of peace and well-being for employees, captains and owners, which includes a Gourmet Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Gym and Spa.

Superyachts and megayachts: A clear and lucid vision

His vision is clear, lucid and long-term: he sees, designs, creates.

Meanwhile, the push towards the future continues: Giovanni Costantino’s passion for design, speed and brand extension strategy give life to the “Tecnomar for Lamborghini63” project with Automobili Lamborghini in 2020. And to the excellent partnership with Giorgio Armani in 2021 for the construction of Admiral yachts under his signature.

The main objective of the CEO of The Italian Sea Group has always been to merge Italian excellence with that of the nautical sector. To fully represent that Italian Style recognized and appreciated throughout the world.

Giovani Gostantino inaugurates the TISG Academy

In 2021, the TISG Academy is inaugurated. Dedicated to training and refresher courses for employees and graduating students of the Faculty of Engineering and Yacht Design.

In 2021, The Italian Sea Group goes public

On 8 June 2021 Giovanni Costantino brings his now solid and structured company to listing on the stock exchange, on Euronext Milano, a further seal of transparency, reliability and internationality.

Sailing yachts, the iconic Perini Navi and Picchiotti brands

The story continues and in February 2022 Giovanni Costantino acquires Perini Navi, world leader in the design and construction of iconic large sailing yachts. And Picchiotti Yacht, another historic Italian yachting brand, which has its roots in the Medici Florence of 1575. An operation that completes the product offer of The Italian Sea Group.

Giovanni Costantino continues to bring to the market, with audacity and extreme attention to detail, innovation and unmistakable design, motor yachts and large sailing yachts without equal.

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