Founded and led by Giovanni Costantino, TISG designs and builds staggering yachts up to 140 meters. Such as the ultra-quiet and impressive GECO. And in 2024, Giorgio Armani will sign an Admiral 72 meters that is expected to reach the top of elegance.

“The Italian Sea Group” points out his Founder Giovanni Costantino, is not a shipyard, “it is a luxury hub, interpreter of the most exquisite made in Italy”. From its over 100.000 square meters of yard, in Marina di Carrara, which looks like an Art Museum, take off true gems of the sea. Such as Geco, a 55 meters Admiral yacht with a beautiful helipad at the bow. Born from the pencil of Gian Marco Campanino, in collaboration with the R&D department of the Company, Geco has recently received from RINA the prestigious award of the most silent super-yacht of the 2022 in Comfort Class, reaching the highest score for the absence of noise and vibration on board. Indeed, achieving perfection both in substance and in form is an essential goal for TISG, which heads the brands Tecnomar, NCA Refit, Perini Navi (this one recently acquired). Costantino modus operandi has fascinated even someone that on beauty has built an empire, becoming a business partner of TISG: Giorgio Armani. The fashion designer, keen sea lover, and already yacht owner, put his signature on an Admiral 72 meters that will be launched in 2024. And it will be, that’s to be expected, a success.


He has challenged the yachting industry over the years. In the 2009 he took over Tecnomar, in the 2011 Admiral, in the 2021 Nuovi Cantieri Apuania. Apulian, Ceo and Founder of The Italian Sea Group, he is a man who knows what he wants and who knows that he will get it.  He has the resilience of a long-distance runner and the stride of a sprinter. Skills needed to achieve important goals in the 2021:  the partnership with Giorgio Armani (who has signed for a TISG Admiral), the  Company listing and the acquisition of Perini Navi. He wears only blue suits.