Among others, there is the 56m series: with 10 ships delivered, it is a unique case in the world of sailing yachts. The series is built with aluminum hull and superstructure. The tonnage is under 500 GRT. Each model has different interiors designed by famous designers or by Perini’s technical offices, depending on the owners’ choice.

The recently acquired Perini Navi becomes part of The Italian Sea Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motor yachts, founded by Giovanni Costantino.

The historic brand specializing in high-end large sailing yachts thus allows The Italian Sea Group to expand and strengthen its positioning in the large sailing yacht segment. Perini Navi boasts a fleet of over 60 yachts delivered and is the world leader for sailing yachts over 50 meters. The company was founded in the early 1980s by Fabio Perini, an entrepreneur who until then had concentrated his activities in the sector of technology and machinery for the paper industry. From his great passion for the sea came the idea of creating a new product in the field of sailing ships, building it industrially and launching it on the market. Fabio Perini designed a different sailing ship whose new architectural, aesthetic and functional elements radically changed the concept of modern sailing ships. The real revolution was represented by the fully automatic sail plan control system, which allowed a single person to safely govern the impressive sail area. The automation of sail plan control originally created by Perini Navi is now a standard for the entire industry and has enabled the rebirth of the large sailing yacht market over the last 30 years.

Perini Navi has therefore written the history of the sailing yacht industry also with its creations, the most prestigious of which is the Maltese Falcon, launched in 2006, an 88-meter threemasted yacht. She is the flagship of the fleet and her unmistakable sail plan, the Falcon Rig, has marked a revolution in the field of large sailing yachts and has demonstrated all its efficiency and functionality in the hundreds of thousands of miles sailed in perfect safety and operability in all the seas of the world.

The plans for the re-launch of Perini Navi are clear: the name will be linked exclusively to large sailing yachts that, while respecting tradition and historical lines, will be innovative in design as well as in sailing and propulsion solutions. The Italian Sea Group has already five sailing ships in its order book.