PERINI NAVI: TISG presents the new fleet

15th March 2024

PERINI NAVI: TISG presents the new fleet

Three new innovative sailing yachts of 48, 56 and 77 meters

The Italian Sea Group, a global luxury yachting operator, today unveiled the new and innovative Perini Navi fleet, one year after its acquisition. Three lines of sailing ships from: 48, 56 and 77 meters.

The fleet confirms Perini Navi’s ultra-high-level positioning as a global player in large sailing yachts.

The project stems from the goal of creating a line of sailing yachts with the characteristic and iconic elements of Perini Navi revisited in a modern key by focusing on large spaces, brightness and sailing comfort.

I am very proud of the new Perini Navi fleet and of the journey so far over the past year. By transferring the comfort of motor yachts to sailing yachts, we have succeeded in creating a harmonious synergy thanks to our already strong expertise expanded through the Perini Navi acquisition. The nautical world is showing particular sensitivity to Perini Navi, and our established reputation for design, quality and innovation will help strengthen the Group’s expansion and growth strategy.

-commented Giovanni Costantino, Founder & CEO of The Italian Sea Group.

The exterior lines of the new Perini Navi sailing yachts

The external lines of the new Perini Navi fleet, reflect two essential assumptions: the desire to reinterpret in a contemporary way the classic aesthetics of the “Perini Style,” world-famous for elegance and sobriety, and at the same time express a current and timeless language projected into the future.

The clean lines of the new Perini boats blend harmoniously with elongated and continuous curvilinear trends. Glass surfaces expand to diffuse natural and welcoming light into the interior. The stern opens to the sea, becoming a true leisure area with the exterior decks defined by an organic, supple layout.

Perini Navi new fleet: wider and more fluid interior spaces

By analogy, the main interior spaces also tend to be wide and fluid. The different uses dialogue with each other in a direct but discreet way, maintaining the necessary functionality together with an open and dynamic spatiality.

A blue leather handrail, as a “fil bleu”, defines and becomes a new leitmotif of the future Perini Navi world.

The innovative new Perini Navi fleet has been designed by The Italian Sea Group.

To speak of sailing yachts when talking about Perini is at best reductive. The new fleet of sailing yachts presented by The Italian Sea Group, includes three new types of sailing yachts. A 48-meter sailing yacht, a 56-meter sailing yacht, and a 77-meter sailing yacht on which it will be possible to install the iconic and innovative Falcon RIG, designed for the first time by the Italian shipyard for the Maltese Falcon, one of the most beautiful yachts in the world.

Perini Navi 48m

The brand new sailing yacht will be offered in two versions: regatta and cruise.

The cruise model is characterized by having an area in the “roof” of the yacht – called fly bridge – where a steering position and a sunbathing area are located, to ensure maximum comfort.

The regatta model, on the other hand, is defined as “open,” without a fly bridge, for more sporty performance.

The next-generation naval architecture will allow even more comfortable sailing while the open stern, equipped with a transformer, will facilitate access to the sea, offering great comfort especially at anchorage.

Management of the sail system will continue to be concentrated in the two control consoles, with a series of joysticks facilitating safe control without the need for dedicated crew.

The deckhouse, which has been re-styled, will retain Perini Navi’s characteristic stylistic features: side epaulette, a turn of glass that provides great light, and an enclosed aft cockpit to offer more privacy.

The new 48-meter vessel will have new hull lines to offer limited heeling angles, double rudders and movable centreboard to minimize draft and facilitate access to remote ports and bays with shallow waters.

With a view to sustainability, it will also be possible to install solar panels.

Perini Navi 56m, the restyling of Perini’s iconic sailing yacht

The 56-meter, Perini Navi’s most iconic sailboat, will be revamped through a collaboration with Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design, which, with a strong focus on sailing performance, will develop the naval platform and sail system, as well as contribute to the styling of the exterior.

The new sail plan, with carbon masts, will ensure comfort and sailing performance through the use of Perini Navi’s “sail handling system,” with concentrated and power-assisted sail rigging control in the two command stations on the flybridge.

Perini Navi 77m, the uniqueness of rotating masts

The 77-meter yacht envisioned by The Italian Sea Group for the new fleet will be the mega sailing yacht on which to install the FALCON RIG, mounted for the first time on the iconic Maltese Falcon. The RIG is the world’s first system-thought of by the Tuscan shipyard’s expert engineering-that allows the elegance of the square sail to be combined with the upwind efficiency of the triangular sail.

The sailboat will have two masts that will give great advantages in terms of navigation and safety. With the electro-hydraulic mast-sail management system, sailing will be extremely easy. The new sailing yacht will be the first platform to have a true spa-beach club with terraces that can be lowered and connected with the aft beach.

Perini Navi under construction

Regarding other Perini Navi-branded projects, four sailing yachts are currently under construction:

  • If we are talking about luxury catamarans, Artexplorer, the world’s largest sailing catamaran (47 meters long by 17 meters wide), designed entirely (naval architecture and interiors) by designer Axel De Beaufort, due for delivery in August 2023.
  • A 60-meter sailing ketch, naval architecture by Ron Holland and interior by French designer Rémi Tessier, scheduled for delivery in August 2024.
  • A 56-meter sailing ketch signed by Malcolm McKeon and interior design by Winch Design, scheduled for delivery in July 2025.
  •  A 47-meter sloop, with Central Agency assigned to U.S. broker Bruce Brakenhoff from Edmiston, with delivery in July 2025.