400 years of passion for the sea and excellence in yachting

From the historic Becolini to the Gentleman yachts of the 1900, the Picchiotti brand has ridden the history of yachting for more than four centuries.

At the beginning of the 1600, Cosimo dei Medici, developed the trade on the Arno River, building the Canal of Navicelli. At that time, the Picchiotti family was committed in the construction of Becolini, first river vessels used in the transport of the goods from Florence to the port of Leghorn. Since then for over four centuries Picchiotti has marked the history of the military, commercial, recreational and sporty Italian navy, experiencing all the phases of technological development with the transition from wood to iron, and from steel to aluminium.

In the 19th century, the Picchiotti family decided to focus on new ocean-going transport starting the construction of ocean sailing ships. Since 1848, there are registered 602 Picchiotti ships in the Italian naval register.

Among the 1900 milestones, there is the MAS 15 of the MAS series, a famous antitorpedo ship that was able to sink the Wien Austrian battleship in Trieste during the First World War.

In the 1950s, however, the construction of the Kon Tiki, a motor yacht of 36.4 meters, marked the return to the production of Gentleman yachts after the war, thus contributing to the revival of yachts.

Years crowned with success until arrived to the progenitor, the 103 meters Al Said (1982).

After a long phase of transition, the Picchiotti brand comes back on the scene between 2010 and 2014 under the guidance of Perini Navi, which creates a new line of Explorer characterized by the exclusivity and timeless lines typical of the classics of the brand, with innovative engineering solutions and unmistakable design.

A mission that starts with the Vitruvius series of Philippe Briand. Among the most famous yacht, are the Falco Moscato, ex Exuma (50 metres), Galileo G (55 metres) and Nautilus, ex Grace E, (73 metres).

The Tuscan coast remains the centre of the production also after that Picchiotti, in 2021, joins The Italian Sea Group, a global operator in luxury yachting based in Marina di Carrara, and creator of the brand relaunch in just six months. Highlighting the new fleet of Gentleman yachts – born from the collaboration among TISG, Luca Dini Design & Architecture Consultant – inspired by the yachting golden age, the post-war age, with models ranging from 24 to 55 metres.

The fully sustainable design, with engines that take advantage of hybrid or full electric propulsion, features an aluminum hull and superstructure, while optimizing cruising comfort there is a new line of hull. Lines and finishes are elegant: from the glossy mahogany details on the flanks to the polished plating of the bow and on the sides of the stern. On the main deck, a side corridor allows you to move from stern to bow, a convenient solution that, together with the sophisticated mahogany finishes, helps recreate the atmosphere of the most renowned yachts of the time.