Piuma on Pace for 2018 Delivery

An all-aluminum megayacht measuring 174 feet isn’t light as a feather. But, Piuma (Italian for “feather”) is meant to leave as little impact as possible on the territories she touches. Piuma, in build at The Italian Sea Group, is among the biggest boats under the shipyard’s Admiral brand. She’s also its latest with hybrid propulsion. (The recently delivered Quinta Essentia is hybrid, too.) Piuma has twin MANV12 1800 diesels connected to electric motors. The yard hasn’t revealed the expected speed or range on electric power. However, it does say that she should cruise in traditional mode at 17 knots. In addition, Piuma should enjoy a 3,500-nautical-mile range at 11 knots. Recently listed for sale via IYC, for €24.9 million (about $26.5 million), Piuma does not yet have interior decor in place. This, and the delivery date, allow for a buyer to step in and design it. The current owner’s ideas can be used as a springboard. They include a main-deck master suite with a private study, plus a full-beam VIP below decks. Four additional guest staterooms accompany the latter. With a gross tonnage beneath the 500-ton threshold, she also has a crew of 12. Decor-wise, the owner has been working with the Admiral Design Studio to lend Piuma a contemporary look, with liberal use of marble and primary light tones in all soft goods. Outside, the megayacht has areas ideal for private gatherings or charter parties. Sunbathing should be popular on the sundeck. Guests might also opt to partake fully forward on the main deck. A good-size circular area here can host a handful of people—when it isn’t serving as a touch-and-go helipad. For fun on the water’s surface, the crew can offload toys from the tender garage. It’s capable of holding a 26- meter primary boat, for example. With the aluminum hull and superstructure recently finished, Piuma is 19 months from completion, plenty of time for personalization.