Mission & Values

Designing, challenging ourselves and bringing our ambition to even higher levels are the pillars of our Company. The objective is to build unique and identifiable yachts with unmatched aesthetic, quality and functional characteristics, maintaining maximum integrity and sustainability for our stakeholders.

Our actions and decisions are based on the necessity to uphold our high behavioural standard, both in terms of professionalism and ethics. It is through constant and daily dedication that we put our values into practice, benefitting our employees, shareholders, suppliers and the local community.

Each and everyone of us, even in their own small personal environment, is responsible of high ethical and moral standards. It is fundamental for us to commit to our duties as responsible citizens and employees, treating all of the Group’s employees, clients, suppliers, and stakeholders with the utmost respect.

The first step to maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment is to cherish employees, without compromises when it comes to their well-being and safety.
It is the Group’s constant commitment to implement and maintain strict safety rules, and to continuously verify and update them in order to avoid any risk. Corporate principles need to be actively respected by employees, who are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

Every choice and action we make is driven by a tireless search for quality. Our standards, unyielding and intransigent, bring to an optimal offer for both products and services. It is our undying desire to constantly improve that gives trust to our Owners in choosing us for the construction of their yacht.

The love for art and beauty is woven in every aspect of our corporate culture, and it shows in our project as well as the working environment. We breathe beauty to be able to bring proper masterpieces to life, jewels of the sea for our Owners. We are modern promoters of art, who love giving visibility and offer opportunities to young talent in the contemporary art landscape.

We acknowledge the responsibility we carry towards our counterparts and towards our community as a whole. It is fundamental for us to keep the promises made and the commitments taken, acting with full respect for others and for the environment, in order to create sustainable value in the long term.