Operations Team

In  order to  grant the maximum  efficiency  in the production processes, The Italian Sea Group features in house carpentery, upholstery, steelworks, and a team for technical support and design composed of over 100 specialists among engineers, designers.


Steel Works – Business Unit

Steel Works – Business Unit

The production of the stainless steel external and internal yacht components takes place. The internal production guarantees a major control of the productive cycle and makes it possible to avoid  externalizing our unique design and know-how further safeguarding our quality and exclusiveness and respect of production times.


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Upholstery – Business Unit

It is equipped with the best technologies and tools to better manage in house the entire production cycle.  Here, all workmanship is carried out:  from the leather and cloth filling to the tapestry details, from the curtain decorations to the pillow-work, from the rubber incisions to the external protections.


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The Group guarantees the highest quality of wood craftmanship to its clients.  Thanks to the knowledge and competences acquired during its activity over the years, our shipyard can count on a strict methodology construction and advanced technologies in the ebony workmanship preserving all the values and qualities of “hand-made”.



Design Team 

The group’s creative area takes advantage of a team of designers which elaborate and offer proposals of “tailor made” interiors and can satisfy every single client’s requirement and request, guiding them with professionism and competences in all the project phases.  The  attention for every small detail and the possibility of choosing amoung an infinite collection of marbles, precious wood, refined cloths, soft leather, luxury objects and décor accessories transforms a Ship Owner’s dream yacht into reality.

The excellence of navigation, 100% made in Italy.

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