Giovanni Costantino, the Group’s Ceo and founder, he first acquired Tecnomar in 2009, then Admiral in 2011, and in 2012 the Nuovi Cantieri Apuania of Marina di Carrara joined the Group. In 2020 The Italian Sea Group was officially established, and in 2021 two more big names were added, Perini Navi, the leading producer of large sail yachts and the Picchiotti yard.

Aim high, expand and become a global operator in the luxury yacht sector.

That, in a few words, is the strategy adopted by The Italian Sea Group, quoted on the Euronext Milan stock exchange since 2021. The Group’s brand portfolio of Tecnomar, Admiral and Nuovi Cantieri Apuania now includes two more illustrious names, Picchiotti and Perini Navi with an ambitious relaunch programme.

Deeply rooted in Italian know-how and good taste, over the space of ten years The Italian Sea Group has become Italy’s number one builder of megayachts over 50 metres in length, and this relentless growth shows no sign of slowing down. A global operator in the luxury yacht sector, it has been quoted on the Euronext Milan exchange since 2021 and its story is one of acquiring sotne of the most significant Italian yacht brands. First Tecnotnar in 2009, then Admiral in 2011, acquired by Giovanni Costantino, the Group’s CEO and founder. In 2012 the Nuovi Cantieri Apuania of Marina di Carrara joined the group. The Italian Sea Group was officially established in 2020, and in 2021 two more big names were added, Perini Navi, the leading producer of large sail yachts, and the Picchiotti yard, which for over four centuries has operated in the military, commercial, pleasure and sports craft sectors. Costantino is especially proud of his most recent purchase. “Picchiotti was founded in 1575, and its history goes back to the Medici of Florence. This aroused my interest and enthusiasm. I decided to invest a great deal in the rebirth of this wonderful name, alongside that of Perini Navi“.

The relaunch of Picchiotti involves a fleet of four 24 to 55 metre motoryachts called Gentleman, whose elegant design is inspired by the American motoryachts of the 1960s, created together with Luca Dini Design & Architecture with the participation of Kurt Lehman and his Yacht Moments Consultancy. The line’s main target will be the American market, a decision reflected by several aesthetic details. “We’ve chosen to panel the coach house and interiors of the gunwales in mahogany., a feature that draws on American culture“, says Costantino. “The cots, homes and bars in America are in mahogany. The interior and exterior details, as well as the lines of our motor yachts. are all American“. And this market is a crucial element in the brand’s commercial development, a business reality reflected by the opening of the first American flagship store at East Hampton, Long Island, on 8th August.

This project marks the first time The Italian Sea Group takes on series manufacture, while retaining a high positioning in relation to its competitors. “In series production, what sets Gentleman Picchiotti apart from the other Italian brands is a product with high quality details inside and out, and the choice of materials. We don’t work with fibreglass, partly because of a corporate policy of sustainability, so the 24-metre craft will also be in aluminium“, says the CEO. “We haven’t got an infinite production capacity, either. Like all the rest, this project aims for total excellence. We can manage to to deliver ten a year, no more. It is, and will remain, a top end niche product“.

This entry into series production also involves the Admiral brand with its Panorama project, created in collaboration with the Piredda & Partners studio. The Panorama is a 50-metre steel yacht with aluminium superstructure, featuring select, natural materials like light wood, stone and rough metals, and with a panoramic owner’s cabin on the forward upper deck, looking out onto the private deck. “Series production will enable us to increase sales and using up the group’s design capacity, which is largely engaged with work on large, custom-made yachts“. Such yachts, in fact, have always formed the company’s core business.

by Samuela Urblni