The first results of the Perini Navi restart: TISG has announced Artexplorer, the first Perini Navi sailing catamaran.

The Italian Sea Group announces the S/Y Artexplorer, the first sailing catamaran of the Perini Navi fleet.

The new Perini Navi Genesis fleet presented by The Italian Sea Group on March 2023, includes three new types of sailing yachts: a 48-meter sailing yacht (regatta and cruise), a 56-meter sailing yacht, and a 77-meter sailing yacht on which it will be possible to install the iconic and innovative Falcon RIG.

Plus S/Y Artexplorer and three other Perini Navi yachts currently under construction.

Artexplorer is the world’s largest aluminium sailing catamaran. She will be presented from 27 to 30 September at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023.

The archistar Axel De Beaufort designed the yacht. He oversaw the exterior and interior design.

Artexplorer: a sailing museum

With a total length of 47m, an exceptional beam of 17.30m and an impressive all-carbon sail plan with a 55m mast, Artexplorer is a unique, cutting-edge project. She is a true sailing museum, first and only of its kind, which for two years will take artistic experiences and strenghten environmental awareness around the world.

The flybridge will be used for virtual exhibitions, workshops, and conferences. The main gallery will house “Icons”.

Icons will be an inaugural digital exhibit on the representation of women in the Mediterranean managed by Nomi Daucé, curator of archaeology at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Artexplorer: a sustainable superyacht

  • On the roof of the deckhouse, there are 65 square metre of solar panels. Consequently they allow an instantaneous production of 12 kW and a total energy accumulation of more than 200 kW each day.
  • In addition to this system, there is a lithium battery bank. They will enable zero-emission electricity generation for more than 6 hours at full load.
  • The yacht has ‘green’ class notation. All exhaust gases have catalytic filters to decrease emissions and particulate matter.
  • All manoeuvres in and out of the harbour, as well as in protected areas, will be carried out in full electric mode.

A single person can manage her powerful and fully automated sail plan. The catamaran can easily sail at a speed of 10 knots even in very low wind conditions.

Following the first two years of sailing dedicated to art, the catamaran will also be available for charter.

The Italian Sea Group confirms Perini Navi’s ultra-high-level positioning as a world player in large sailing yachts

“Perini Navi Artexplorer is an innovative project on a technical, engineering and human level that represents a further milestone made possible by the continuous stylistic and technological research as well as the professionalism of the entire team that realised the project.

A work that demonstrates our ability to be protagonists also in the large sailing segment, as well as pioneers of cutting-edge solutions aimed at significantly reducing the environmental impact of yachts. Artexplorer is the result of continuous investment in the study and research of systems to reduce emissions and contribute to improving air quality and the health of our seas. A little over a year after the acquisition of Perini Navi and the launch of the new “Genesis” fleet, The Italian Sea Group confirms Perini Navi’s ultra-high-level positioning as a world player in large sailing yachts”.

comments Giovanni Costantino, Founder & CEO of The Italian Sea Group.

Three more Perini Navi yachts are currently under construction:

  • a 60-metre ketch with naval architecture by Ron Holland. Exterior and interior design by French architect Rémi Tessier, due for delivery at the end of 2024;
  • a 56-metre ketch with naval architecture and exterior design by Malcolm McKeon. And interior design by Winch Design, due for delivery in July 2025;
  • a 47-metre sloop, design by Centro Stile TISG, due for delivery in 2025.