ground floor

Contamination is the key word of the project. Head Office and operational centers, that blend with the world of art, design, culture and food, offer a total experience of our Italian Excellence.


The high quality of Interiors is the natural architectural translation of the processes that take place on the yachts under construction every day. The use of natural and high-tech materials, prized in their essence, is enhanced by our unique design focused on the attention to the smallest details. Unexpected high-contrast elements add an eclectic touch to a sophistication that is not at all ostentatious.


The innovative concept behind The Italian Sea Group is also rapresented by the collection of art works housed in the Head Office itself. A collection in continuous evolution, which is enriched day by day with the passing of the seasons and the changing of the winds. Works are offered to the admiration and taste of yacht owners and designers, so that they can take inspiration for their own creations.

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