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launched yachts since 1600


422 years

1600-2022 in the yachting industry

1700 collaborators

daily committed from design to production


sqm production area between Marina di Carrara, Viareggio and La Spezia

two drydock



made in italy


THE ITALIAN SEA GROUP is one of the largest firms in the international yachting industry and it’s a landmark in the construction of yachts and ships up to and over 100 meters in length. The Italian Sea Group is strategically set within the port of Marina di Carrara, Viareggio and La Spezia and it’s a 100% made in Italy luxury company.

Since 1600 The Italian Sea Group has launched 863 yachts.

The Group includes: ADMIRAL YACHT, TECNOMAR and NCA REFIT. Since 2021 PERINI NAVI and PICCHIOTTI have also joined the group.


The Headquarter of The Italian Sea Group  is located in Marina di Carrara, between Apuan Alps and Tyrrhenian Sea. Here is the largest private dry dock in the entire Mediterranean Sea 200 meters long and a second 147 meters long dock inaugurated in November 2021, the only ones capable of hosting yachts up to 140 meters.

A second division of TISG is located in Viareggio and a third one in La Spezia.

With more than 156,000 square meters, The Italian Sea Group has 18 production areas, two of which have dry docks, over 1500 meters of berth, a 3,300-ton floating barge and a keel pit in La Spezia.

The VILLAGE, built inside the Headquarters, is a structure reserved for employees, captains and crews who offer them the opportunity to monitor all the activities in progress and to enjoy leisure services, such as the gym, the spa, the beauty center, the bar and the restaurant.

Italian Life Style

High quality craftsmanships, materials selection, attention to details, passion and style, innovation in design with respect towards traditions, advanced technologies, know-how, taste for art and beauty, professionalism, prestige and hospitality: these are the values that distinguish our company’s ethos, a philosophy that is a fine example of excellence and made in Italy.

Our purpose is to offer our Customers a complete view of everything that makes unique the ITALIAN LIFESTYLE in the world.

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