The Italian Sea Group: Perini Navi Inaugurates the New Commercial Flagship and the Carpentry Business Unit in Viareggio

14th March 2024

Perini Navi: the new commercial flagship and the Carpentry Business Unit inaugurated in Viareggio

The Italian Sea Group hosted local authorities at a cocktail party on the 14th March evening, on the occasion of the Inauguration of the new Perini Navi commercial Flagship and the Carpentry Business Unit in Viareggio. Confirming the close bond of the historic and iconic brand with the territory.

Perini Navi Viareggio

In the building at Via Coppino 413 Viareggio, the facade has been restored, the interior furnished and the historic carpentry workshop reopened

The Flagship Perini Navi will be the main commercial reference point for the iconic and historic sailing yacht brand as well as represent the other brands of the Group.

After the renovation of the entire building’s facade, in line with TISG aesthetic standards, the renovation work saw the refurbishment of the interior spaces that tell the story and future of Perini Navi.

The carpentry provides the interiors for sailing yachts and supports the Group’s activities

Linked to the Flagship, the Perini Navi Carpentry Business Unit has been relaunched. Primarily engaged in interior activities for sailing yachts, as well as providing general support for some of the Group’s needs.

Perini Navi Viareggio

The importance of the event was underlined by the words of G. Costantino, Founder and CEO of TISG, and the Mayor of Viareggio, G. Del Ghingaro

Who after sharing these relaunch activities, both emphasised the importance of the yachting industry for the Viareggio community. And the great commitment of entrepreneurs and authorities in protecting the sector and its workers.

Perini Navi Viareggio in support of the territory and the yachting industry

“It has always been clear in our development strategy, the importance of maintaining and protecting the strong link between Perini Navi and the city of Viareggio.

We are very satisfied with the activities carried out so far. We have all worked in the same direction, intending to protect the territory and the yachting industry, supported and guided by the great determination and farsightedness of Mayor Giorgio Del Ghingaro, whom I thank”

says Giovanni Costantino, founder and CEO of TISG

Perini Navi Viareggio

Viareggio and Perini Navi, one

Perini Navi has always meant Viareggio. These shipyards have witnessed the invention, the innovation and the genius of our workers.

In fact, the history of the yachting industry in our city, which has given so much to this sector.

When a Group as important as TISG arrives at our docks, it is an enrichment for everyone. For those who work directly and for the allied industries that follow.

But Perini Navi is a symbol and, like all symbols, it must be protected. That is why the Administration has committed itself and will continue to do so”.

commented the Mayor of Viareggio, Giorgio Del Ghingaro.

For the event, the Perini Navi Carpentry Business Unit was set up as a museum exhibition

The over 120 guests including authorities, press and management were welcomed in the new Perini Navi Flagship.

Designed with the classic stylistic features of elegance and refinement typical of the Group, amidst models of the most significant yachts and corporate videos, which recount the emotions experienced in the history of The Italian Sea Group and Perini Navi.

The cocktails were served in the Perini Navi Carpentry Business Unit, set up for the occasion as a museum exhibition. Where the machinery, illuminated like works of art, served as a backdrop for the narration of the main production phases.

Perini Navi Viareggio