Signed a partnership with dynamic “Yachting Family Office” firm, Kitson Yachts. TISG international commercial development continues in the AMAS geographical area

09th April 2024

Kitson Yachts Italian Sea Group

The partnership with Kitson Yachts has been formalized, The Italian Sea Group international business development plan continues

TISG formalizes the “Authorized Sales Agency” partnership with Kitson Yachts.

Kitson Yachts, headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, has a major development plan in the USA and beyond. Also, it already has two major mega-yachts Admiral of 73 and 88 m under construction at The Italian Sea Group.

TISG, in line with its ‘Strategic Outlook 2024-2025’ which foresees the development of major commercial partnerships, has chosen Kitson Yachts to represent the Group in North, South, and Central America.

Kitson Yachts dynamic and smart approach to the maritime industry allows TISG to expand the Group’s customer portfolio in all of the Americas.

Kitson Yachts, the perfect ambassador for The Italian Sea Group

“This partnership is of great strategic value for our Group, and will play a fundamental role in the commercial development strategy. The AMAS geographical area is very attentive and sensitive towards our brands and I am sure that Kitson Yachts will be the perfect ambassador for TISG in a free market”.

commented Giovanni Costantino, Founder & CEO of TISG.

 “Kitson Yachts is thrilled to partner with the largest shipbuilder in Italy, The Italian Sea Group. We look forward to elevating the presence of TISG craftmanship across the vast geography of the Americas.”

commented Brandon Kummer, Michael Tabor, and Tony Imbesi Co-Founders of Kitson Yachts.

Kitson Yachts Italian Sea Group