The Italian Sea Group has completed the renovation of the Perini Navi facility in Viareggio. The historic carpentry in Viareggio is also set to resume operations.

Perini Navi

Perini Navi Viareggio: renovation completed

Perini Navi Viareggio facility: The Italian Sea Group announces that it has completed the renovation of one of the sites of Perini Navi. Specifically the one in Via Coppino in Viareggio. As well as technical renovations for the restart of the Perini Navi historic carpentry workshop. In accordance with the agreement between the Mayor of Viareggio, Giorgio Del Ghingaro, TISG and Next Group.

Soon the opening of a Perini Navi commercial Flag

Work is also currently underway for the refurbishment of a Perini Navi commercial Flag at the same location, confirming the brand’s close bond with the area and the local community, with which it has a deep-rooted connection.

The Perini Navi HUB will primarily support the interior activities on sailing yachts as well as supporting some of the Group’s activities.

The LED walls of the elegant flagship tell the history and future of Perini Navi

The renovation works of the Perini Navi facility in Viareggio included an overhaul of the entire building’s facade with a new design, following TISG aesthetic standards, and will continue further with the refurbishment of the interior spaces, notably with the opening of an elegant Flagship.

Flagship that, thanks to the presence of LED walls, will tell the story and future of Perini Navi, confirming the brand’s and the Group’s strong presence in the territory.

Perini Navi Viareggio has always been clear in our development strategy

“It has always been clear in our development strategy, the importance of maintaining and protecting the strong link between Perini Navi and Viareggio. We are very satisfied with the agreement reached with the Mayor and Next Group and with the activities we have completed to date. We have all worked in the same direction, to protect the territory and the yachting industry, supported and guided by the great determination and farsightedness of Mayor Del Ghingaro, whom I thank.”

– says Giovanni Costantino, founder and CEO of TISG.

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