The Italian Sea Group supports the non-profit association “Il Porto dei piccoli”

Donation to Il Porto dei piccoli, a non-profit association founded in Genoa

The Italian Sea Group, global operator in luxury yachting, supports through a donation “Il Porto dei piccoli,” a non-profit association that offers recreation-pedagogical assistance in paediatric facilities, door-to-door, and in the territory to young patients and their families.

The association, founded in 2005 from Gloria Camurati Leonardi‘s idea, has involved more than 11 thousand children and young people with different pathologies in different Italian regions and established partnerships with some of the leading paediatric institutions in Italy.

Sea as a cure

Psychologists, pedagogists, graduate students in sports science and in art disciplines, following the Play Specialist model, are every day a landmark in the ward and in the homes, creating moments of peacefulness during illness and offering young patients even just an hour away from the daily routine of the hospital setting, thanks to the charm of the maritime world.

Indeed, the sea and the harbour environment are the hallmarks of all the activities, in an ideal journey from hospital rooms to port quaysides.

Support from G. Costantino founder & CEO

“I enthusiastically welcomed this important initiative which brings relief to fragile creatures and their families who struggle on a daily basis with courage and dignity. We know very well the energy that the sea conveys with its sensitive and impetuous movement, as unpredictable as the experience these children unfortunately face every day: Il Porto dei piccoli offers a safe harbour, moments of light-heartedness and escape from everyday life and pain”.

comments Giovanni Costantino, founder & CEO of The Italian Sea Group.