TISG inaugurates the New Headquarters of the Historic Furniture Manufacturer Celi 1920

Inaugurated the New Headquarters of the Historic Furniture Manufacturer Celi 1920

Renovation, Modernization, and Expansion of the Production Site Will Foster Development in Residential, Hotellerie, and Contract Sectors

Driving Force for the Local Economy and Employment

20th December 2023

Celi 1920: April the acquisition – December the inauguration of the new headquarters

Following significant renovation works, the new headquarters of Celi 1920.

The prestigious cabinet-making company from Vascigliano, Stroncone, Terni, which was acquired last April by The Italian Sea Group S.p.A., has been inaugurated.

Celi 1920 Terni

The Italian Sea Group opens up to the extra-sector

The expansion and modernization of the production site, covering an overall area of approximately 40,000 square meters, will enable Celi 1920 to meet the production needs of TISG while simultaneously exploring development opportunities in other sectors such as residential projects, high-end hospitality, and contract projects.

Celi 1920

Celi 1920: modernization and sustainability

Urbanization works, renovation of warehouses, and the implementation of sustainable systems have been carried out.

The new production area, expanded from the existing 10,000 square meters to the current 40,000 square meters, includes a new office building and is equipped with industry-4.0 technologies, incorporating photovoltaic, thermal-solar, and geothermal systems, along with building a power supply cabin to ensure self-sustainability.

The new industrial facility has additional numerically controlled workstations and two new-generation presses to support the growing activities.

All the extraction systems in the production site have been designed with a strong focus on sustainability: modern filters ensure zero-emission production, and all production waste is fully disposed of.

Solar panels totalling approximately 2,000 square meters have been installed on the new office building and the production site.

The Celi 1920 headquarters reflects the characteristic and elegant style of TISG.

The hiring plan to support the territory proceeds

“Thanks to the new production facility, we are ready for increasingly challenging projects that will enable us to continue growing,” commented Fulvia Costantino, CEO of Celi 1920. The expansion of the production site and the development of new activities will enable us to increase employment in the area and will certainly be a new driving force in support of the entire supply chain in the area.”

The hiring plan is proceeding, focusing on the professional training of resources, especially the younger ones, in line with the Group’s commitment to the growth of every collaborator.

Celi 1920: 40 new additions to the workforce in 2024

In 2024, an additional 40 employees will be added to the company, joining the current 80.

Specifically, 30 positions among carpenters and mechatronics experts will be allocated to production.

While 10 industrial design graduates will be assigned to the production engineering department.

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