Costantino, Founder & CEO of The Italian Sea Group: “We produce yachts with less and less impact on the environment. Research and tradition for suistainable development“. Plus 25% turnover in the first 9 months of 2023

Yachts with less and less impact on the environment

The progress made by the yachting industry on the sustainability front is enormous, but technology and research, as well as the sensitivity of consumers and producers, continue to evolve and this allows us to produce yachts with less and less impact on the environment.” Thus Giovanni Costantino, entrepreneur and chief executive officer of The Italian Sea Group, a group that includes some of the best-known brands at an international level such as Admiral, Tecnomar, Perini Navi and Picchiotti, as well as Nca Refit, a business unit that manages the repair service with focus on yachts over 60 meters and Celi, a prestigious cabinet-making company acquired by TISG last April 2023.

Environmental sustainability at the center

Environmental sustainability is a crucial issue for the industry, which has not lost strength even in recent months, although characterized by various emergencies in the macro context.

«Not even our sector is immune from cases of greenwashing, in which attention to emissions is more declared than practical, but in any case these are marginal facts, while there is no doubt that in recent years there have been steps notable progress,” he adds.

Looking in a medium-term perspective, Costantino points out that there will be a dominance of electricity (“like the expected developments in the automotive field“), thanks on the one hand to the development of batteries and on the other to the spread of solar panels on yachts.

«However, I am convinced that thermal engines will not disappear, considering that already today the emissions of a 70/80 meter vessel are comparable to those of a latest generation luxury car».

Meanwhile, hybrid solutions, i.e. with both thermal and electric propulsion, “already widely used on commercial and cruise ships“, are gaining growing shares on the market.

The commitment in the green field also concerns The Italian Sea Group, which among other things has obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification, the most recognized international standard for environmental management systems, which provides a framework to help companies progressively improve in this scope. Issued by the Rina certification body, it was obtained for the shipyards of Marina di Carrara and La Spezia. «A recognition that has allowed us to take a further step towards improving our environmental performance and creating sustainable value for our stakeholders and the entire community».

This result adds to the recognition already obtained in this field, which allows the company’s number one to claim the achievement of “a good part of the ESG objectives set for the three-year period“.

The BBB rating issued by Cerved in relation to ESG issues goes in the same direction, “which attests to the progress made over the years“, adds Costantino.

Turnover increased by 25%

The Group has recently raised the veil on the results of the first nine months, with turnover growing by 25% compared to the same period last year, to 262.2 million euros, thanks above all to the boost from sales in the mega and giga yacht. TISG’s core business, yachts over 50 meters in length represent over 75% of the company’s order book, equal to 1.3 billion euros as of 30 September.

Perini Navi: a 60-meter yacht to be delivered by the end of 2024

A framework that allows the Italian company to continue investing in innovation both to face international competition and to complete the relaunch of Perini Navi, acquired two years ago.

«This year we presented the new fleet made up of four models with historical characteristics of the brand, but revisited on a stylistic level», says the company’s number one.

Then the CEO announces the delivery of a 60 meter sailing yacht by the end of 2024.

The Viareggio production site will soon be completed

«The growth of the Group continues at full speed, with new products alongside infrastructural investments: we will soon complete the production support headquarters for the entire Group in Viareggio and a commercial headquarters in the same city is close to opening, which will be located alongside the Carrara headquarters.

The business captain’s optimism extends to the sector in general, despite the many difficulties that characterize the macro picture.

Italian inspiration

«The Italian nautical world has been fortunate to have enlightened figures such as Paolo Vitelli of Azimut Benetti, Alberto Galassi of the Ferretti group and Massimo Perotti of SanLorenzo, who are a source of inspiration for those who work in the sector».

Collaborations with International Archistars

Tradition and innovation often return in the words of Costantino, who finally focuses on collaborations with some archistars, such as Malcolm McKeon and Luca Dini. «An approach that we intend to strengthen because it offers us a positive contamination that is reflected in the quality and exclusivity of the boats», he concludes.